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The Great Frame Up offers a number of challenging, creative and fun employment opportunities and excellent benefits.




Responsible for all aspects of store operation, including sales, service, inventory, staffing, and maintenance. Develops and implements goals and plans to increase and sustain sales, customer base, and store profitability. Delegates job station assignments, schedules staff, monitors overall productivity, trains and develops staff and provides customer assistance. Tracks weekly sales, prepares special orders and supply needs and manages store appearance. Play a key role in determining store goals, needs, and future development, as well as payroll, and cost saving goals.

Teamwork by all employees results in a smoothly running operation. As the key members and leaders of the team, you are expected to set the proper pace and activity of your staff. Overseeing and reviewing all aspects of the team effort will minimize errors and returns. Proper mentoring and increased productivity are crucial to your success.



Handles all aspects of customer contact during and after the product selection process: determining customer needs, listening to their requests, providing clear explanations, and available options. This individual possesses sufficient technical and aesthetic knowledge to assist customers in making appropriate choices for their framing projects, recommending color and design ideas to expand creative options. Excellent math skills are necessary to measure and write sales orders. Welcoming customers upon entering store, checking customer progress and establishing positive rapport during and after completion of the project are required. Resolution of overall satisfaction related problems, handling of multiple customers as needed, keeping work area clean, organized and maintaining samples in proper order are necessary tasks as well.



Assists customers through the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ picture framing experience, providing encouragement, explaining and demonstrating tasks in the process according to each customer’s needs. Often supervises multiple customers at different stages of varied framing projects to ensure each achieves a professional, quality product.

The majority of time a customer spends in the store is often at the workbench. An open and friendly attitude builds confidence in the customer to rely on your assistance. You would use this time to build a positive and lasting relationship with each customer.



• Prompt instruction and supervision of customer-
assembled projects through completion
• Check the accuracy and quality of materials
• Ensure the enjoyable participation of each customer
• Anticipate customer needs
• Check quality of the finished project
• Instill a sense of achievement and provide an
overall positive experience for the customer



Responsible for preparing all raw materials necessary for framing projects: sizing and cutting to specific customer needs in the assigned work area. Accuracy, speed, and skill are required for these tasks. Maintains inventory levels, replenishes supplies, prepares material orders, and receives deliveries. Proper equipment operation and maintenance are also required.



• Cut all material needs accurately and promptly
• Maintain inventory control of all stock items
• Prepare vendor stock and supply orders
• Receive deliveries and material shipments
• Maintain proper operation of equipment
• Keep work areas organized and clean
• Check accuracy of samples and replace as needed


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For more information about The Great Frame Up, our services and our support of the art community, please contact us today at 1-847-680-1880 or e-mail us at mklitzky@aol.com